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Rethymno’s beach is spreading from the centre of the town, along the new part, for 12km, to the east. The beautiful beach of Rethymno, is the main -and sometimes the exclusive- attraction for the visitors. But there are some interesting monuments and sights to visit:

Neratzes mosque and its minaret


The most majestic and most luxurious of the five surviving mosques from the original eight. Previously the Santa Maria church, it was converted in 1657 into the central mosque of the town from the Turks. It is topped with three domes, which replaced the tiled roof of the Venetian church and today it belongs to the Municipal Odeon and is used mainly as a concert hall and an arts centre.

Next to the mosque there is the impressive minaret, built at 1890. It is the highest minaret in Rethymno, but the view from the top cannot be enjoyed, since the entrance is not allowed for safety reasons.

Location El. Vernadou

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