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Rethymno’s beach is spreading from the centre of the town, along the new part, for 12km, to the east. The beautiful beach of Rethymno, is the main -and sometimes the exclusive- attraction for the visitors. But there are some interesting monuments and sights to visit:

Historical and Folk Art museum

Historical Folk Art museum

Hosted in a restored 17th century Venetian mansion, next to Neratzes mosque. The museum is a private non profit foundation, aiming to the research, collection and representation of the unique rural and urban life from the 17th century until today.

It was founded in 1973 by Mrs. Fani Voyatzaki and Christophoros Stavroulakis of the Historical and Folklore Institution, who donated the museum building. The Museum’s collections include over 5.000 items that come from donations, purchases and loans, displayed in different rooms. It houses a permanent collection of everyday-life objects, plus tools and artifacts of traditional professions, such as the saddler, the blacksmith, the farmer and the knife maker. The whole process of making bread, from the wheat harvest, to the baking of the bread, costumes, handmade textiles, hand-woven and textile tools, basket weaving, embroidery and lace, pottery, traditional ceramics, pottery and ceramic art tools, jewellery, farming, metal work, smith’s tools and cooking utensils are presented in the Museum.

There is also an historical collection consisting of photographs, drawings, documents, coins, weapons, maps, stamps and flags of the Cretan revolution. There is also a room for lectures, temporary exhibitions and educational programs for schools, equipped with modern audiovisual equipment.

Location 28-30, E. Vernardou str

Tel.: +30 28310 23398

Admission: 4€ / 2€ for senior citizens aged over 65 years old

  • Open: Mon-Fri: 08:30 am -3:00 pm
  • Closed
    • Saturdays
    • Sundays
    • January 1
    • March 25
    • Easter Sunday
    • May 1
    • December 25 – 26

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