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In Rethymno, as evidenced by the findings and the inscriptions, there seems to have been presence from the Neolithic Age. Over the centuries, the area of Rethymno has had times of flourishing and bequeathed to the newest important cultural monuments. A visit to the museums of the town will make you travel back…

Ecclesiastical Museum2

The Ecclesiastical Museum

Opposite the Cathedral, in the offices of the parish, the museum opened in 1994. Its permanent collection includes old objects from churches of Rethymno: the mechanism of the old clock of the bell tower of the cathedral which was operating from 1894 to 1986, an icon of Saint John from […]

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Paleontological Museum

The Museum is housed in the marvelous Veli Pasha Mosque. The Mosque was granted to the Goulandris Natural History Museum, by the Ministry of Culture and after gradual restoration because of the severe damages after the bombings on 1941, the Paleontological Museum started operating on July10, 2008, as the Goulandris […]

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Historical Folk Art museum

Historical and Folk Art museum

Hosted in a restored 17th century Venetian mansion, next to Neratzes mosque. The museum is a private non profit foundation, aiming to the research, collection and representation of the unique rural and urban life from the 17th century until today. It was founded in 1973 by Mrs. Fani Voyatzaki and […]

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cca M

Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete – C.C.A

On the way to Fortezza, the museum houses a collection of approximately 700 works of contemporary Greek and local artists, from 1950 to date. In its central space, the museum exhibits part of the works of its permanent collection, presenting adequate samples of art, from abstraction and geometry to neo-expressionism, […]

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Archaeological museum

Exhibits objects from the Neolithic to the Post-Byzantine period, found at the prefecture of Rethymno. one clay larnax, clay figurines, grave offerings, statues, vases, jewellery, tools, utensils, are some of the objects on display. Until 1990 the museum was housed in Loggia. In 1991 it was moved to the building […]

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