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The beautiful beach of Rethymno, is the main -and sometimes the exclusive- attraction for the visitors. But there are some interesting monuments and sights to visit:


The Municipal Garden

A green space in the center of Rethymno, offering a serene natural escape from the city. The town of Rethymno does not offer many playgrounds for children, but a good one can be found here. The Garden hosts the Wine Festival every July and many other cultural events. Location:  Municipal Garden

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Ecclesiastical Museum2

The Ecclesiastical Museum

Opposite the Cathedral, in the offices of the parish, the museum opened in 1994. Its permanent collection includes old objects from churches of Rethymno: the mechanism of the old clock of the bell tower of the cathedral which was operating from 1894 to 1986, an icon of Saint John from […]

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Paleontological Museum

The Museum is housed in the marvelous Veli Pasha Mosque. The Mosque was granted to the Goulandris Natural History Museum, by the Ministry of Culture and after gradual restoration because of the severe damages after the bombings on 1941, the Paleontological Museum started operating on July10, 2008, as the Goulandris […]

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Historical Folk Art museum

Historical and Folk Art museum

Hosted in a restored 17th century Venetian mansion, next to Neratzes mosque. The museum is a private non profit foundation, aiming to the research, collection and representation of the unique rural and urban life from the 17th century until today. It was founded in 1973 by Mrs. Fani Voyatzaki and […]

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cca M

Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete – C.C.A

On the way to Fortezza, the museum houses a collection of approximately 700 works of contemporary Greek and local artists, from 1950 to date. In its central space, the museum exhibits part of the works of its permanent collection, presenting adequate samples of art, from abstraction and geometry to neo-expressionism, […]

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Archaeological museum

Exhibits objects from the Neolithic to the Post-Byzantine period, found at the prefecture of Rethymno. one clay larnax, clay figurines, grave offerings, statues, vases, jewellery, tools, utensils, are some of the objects on display. Until 1990 the museum was housed in Loggia. In 1991 it was moved to the building […]

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Porta Guora

The gate is all that is left from the walls, built in the late 16th century by the Venetians to protect the town, It was the main entrance to the town and it was originally topped with the symbol of Venice, the Lion of Saint Mark, which is saved in […]

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Veli Pasa Mosque and its minaret

The mosque is believed that it was built on top of the Venetian church of Agios Onoufrios. It was surrounded by an Islamic monastery, of which 13 continuous cells have been preserved. The mosque has 9 domes and the oldest surviving minaret in Rethymno (1789). The building has been restored […]

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Kara Mousa4

Kara Mousa Pasa Mosque

Before a Venetian monastery dedicated to Saint Barbara, it was transformed to a mosque after the Turkish occupation. There is a Turkish fountain next to the entrance of the mosque on Arkadiou str., and another one inside, facing the mosque. Today it is the house of the maintenance workshop of […]

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Neratzes mosque and its minaret

The most majestic and most luxurious of the five surviving mosques from the original eight. Previously the Santa Maria church, it was converted in 1657 into the central mosque of the town from the Turks. It is topped with three domes, which replaced the tiled roof of the Venetian church […]

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Saint Francisco’s church

This Venetian-built church in the type of single-aisled wooden-roofed basilica was the catholic Franciscan order’s monastery. The Corinthian style doorframe of the entrance with its decoration is of particular architectural significance. Inside, the visitors can admire the detailed work of skilled craftsmen. Today it is the temporary home of the […]

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The most important surviving Venetian building. It was built in the middle of the 16th century as a gathering place of the nobility, for politics, economics or entertainment. The building is one of the characteristic examples of Renaissance architecture in Rethymno. During the Turkish occupation it was converted into a […]

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Fortezza castle

At the place where the ancient acropolis was, the reference landmark of Rethymno and the largest fortress in Crete, it dominates the town, overlooking the sea and the town, offering wonderful views to the coast and the whole town. It was built in1573 by the Venetians, to protect the population […]

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rethymno rooms for rent Ibrahim Han Mosque

Ibrahim Han Mosque

A landmark of Rethymno, inside Fortezza. Originally the Cathedral of St. Nicolas, built in 1583 during the Venetian possession, the church was converted into a mosque during the Turkish occupation in 1648, by the Sultan Ibrahim Khan. Its impressive semi-spherical 11m diameter dome is one of the largest in Greece. […]

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Venetian harbour

One of the most picturesque spots in Rethymno. It is protected from the waves and the enemies by a long pier with a high stone wall, built by the Venetians in the 13th century, which still survives today, almost intact. Overlooking the entrance of the Venetian harbour, on the edge […]

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Rimondi fountain

Rebuilt in 1626, by the Venetian Governor A. Rimondi, on the foundations of the older one, to provide the population with drinkable water. Rich in architectural and sculptural decoration, it is located in the liveliest area of the old town. Water still runs today from three lions’ heads into three […]

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